10 reasons why one should attempt a triathlon at least once in their lives: Trust me you won’t stop at o

1. Experience the thrill of participating in the Mangaluru Triathlon, set against the stunning backdrop of one of the most beautiful beaches in Mangalore. Did you ever in your wildest thoughts think that there could be a place that has the same weather as Goa, only better beaches, amazing food, beautiful pristine beaches, and not…

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5 Reasons why you should attempt the Mangaluru Triathlon.

A triathlon is a multi-sport event that consists of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. Typically, a triathlon includes swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. The distance and order of the three disciplines may vary depending on the specific event. For example, a sprint triathlon typically involves a 750-meter swim, a…

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5 things you should never miss in Mangaluru

Today we highlight the 5 things one should never miss seeing in Mangalore. Temples in Mangaluru Mangalore, a coastal city located in the southwestern part of Karnataka, India, is home to several ancient and historically significant temples. The city’s temples are known for their architectural beauty, intricate carvings, and religious significance. In this article, we…

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Lt Bhaskar Shukla: The Art of falling in love with yourself.

What is the art of loving yourself? Lt Bhaskar Shukla ex-serviceman, speaks about the art of falling in love with yourself as the best gift you can give yourself. Love without self is incomplete. Have you ever noticed that you cannot make others happy when you are miserable? Instead, if you invest your time in…

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