How to run a Marathon, without waking up early or compromising your social life.

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How to run a marathon without having to sacrifice your social life or get up early. Nice query.

It’s akin to declaring your desire to be the bakery’s owner and partake of the cake. Could that be done?

 Obviously, why not?

The first thing you should consider is why you should run a bakery when you can go into any bakery and get cake without breaking the bank.

Similarly, the question itself Ways to train for a marathon?

This suggests that you find long-distance runners fascinating and that you wish you could emulate their unwavering focus and pace. 

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but while your other friend runs a kilometer, you are currently unable to run even half that distance.

That means two things, either you want to run like or better than your friend or you are jealous.

As the famous quote, “ it is in the character of very few to honour without envy a friend who has prospered.  – Aeschylus.

I personally feel if ENVY didn’t exist life would be boring. Because there would be no aspirations to get bigger and better in life.

What is a life without any aspirations in it?

Why would I wake up from a beautiful dream if I have a really dull day to look forward to?

“Aspire to Inspire: Unleash Your Potential and Make Your Mark”

The pen that writes your story is better held in your hand.

A life with no goal is a waste of a lifetime. So coming back to your aspiration to run long distances like a Marathon.

My question for you is Why do you intend to run a marathon namaste? Envy could be one reason do you have any other reason?

Why running not fishing or travelling, running?

In fact, let’s understand why would one pick running over other things.

Top 5 reasons why everyone runs a Marathon

  1. Individual difficulty Long-distance running takes time to master. You don’t simply decide to run a marathon today when you get up.

  If someone says they did anything, they are either lying or they are God. Our bodies are      incredible machines. It is our closest friend, and although it first disagrees with your choices, it eventually grows to love and support us.

Small steps taken today will help you run long distances tomorrow.  Similarly, in life, it plays on your mental status as well. When you train daily your body starts resisting initially but every day you see some improvement. So when you see these little improvements our minds too get tuned to the fact that we can achieve anything. This is where the transformation happens when your problems become challenges and later opportunities to go to the next level.

  • Improved fitness. Training daily for a marathon involves consistent training. This brings in a lot of discipline and of course dedication. So when we train regularly our body begins to adapt.

Our muscles become more toned. Our breathing rhythm changes. We sleep better. Our posture changes. Most of all we are always happy because when we workout our body releases endorphins which keep us happy and energised all day. In short, our heart, lungs, and other organs slowly begin to thank us for taking care of them.

  • Sense Of Achievement: Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a remarkable accomplishment that brings a sense of pride, boosting confidence and self-esteem. It works on the mindset as well.
  • Community and Support: Let me share an incident which happened to me.  I remembered an incident which happened to me. I had just started running. So one fine day as usual I woke up early and went for a run. I live in a gated complex so I get to meet many fellow walkers the newspaper guy the milkman etc. A few months later I participated in RUN POWAI RUN. This place is close to my residence. At the run, I saw so many of my friends whom I would say hello in the morning in the crowd cheering for me. I was surprised and truly very happy to see such an amazing camaraderie with people whom I don’t know yet they were not strangers to me. I genuinely had tears in my eyes. At the Marathon, I met many local runners whom I would pass by while running. But today we were saying hello to each other as if we have known each other for ages. That was the beginning of my running community thus sharing camaraderie, encouragement, and support from fellow runners, fostering connections and friendships.
  • Health Benefits:  The fun part about running a marathon is I have known a fellow runner for some time now. He is an amazing runner in fact he has been running for a very long time. He has done multiple international runs as well. He told me he quit smoking to improve his running. Now he is happy to run and he does not miss smoking at all. Running is not just a sport, it’s an emotion it has so many layers to it. There definitely is some magic to running otherwise do you think people would wake up on a Sunday morning before sunrise and travel an hour to go to Marine Drive in Mumbai, Cubbon Park in Bangalore, University Road in Pune Parsik Hill in Kharghar, etc to run.  

Now coming back to the original topic.

Why would you want to run a Marathon?

Everyone has their reasons I have just quoted 6 reasons why. I want to know what is your reason to run.

When you have decided to run a marathon.

You have automatically decided to make a huge change in your life.

Change is an integral part of life. So when you have decided to make such a huge change in your life why not start with small changes?

Like waking up just 20 min prior.

Keep your running clothes ready. Shoes and socks in place so you just grab them and go for a short run for 20 mins only. Go back to sleep again. Trust me you will sleep better.

Small tweaks in your diet. Opt for more real food like bananas instead of banana chips.

Reach out for that apple for snacking instead of samosas. Lose the sugary latte for green tea.

Do this much and watch your waist line drop. Your posture getting better. You begin to walk more comfortably.

Your sleep quality gets better. You are more productive at work. You are always full of energy.

All this with just few tweaks here and there. Rest when you actually get going you will know the results too. Till then smile and be happy always.

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