10 reasons How? cycling to work can be dangerous to the world economy.

Small Changes bring BIG BENFITS…? Really


We have all read about Atomic Habits an amazing book written by James Clear. 

I won’t be touching upon the entire content of Atomic Habits its better if you read the book. 

In a nutshell, it speaks about small changes which bring Big Benefits in the long run. 

Cycling to work has numerous benefits such as reducing the one hour of exercise time.

Apart from saving time it helps in reducing traffic congestion and the pollution that comes along with it. Improving physical health and promoting a cleaner enviornment. 

Despite all the health benefits how many of us would prefer cycling to work?


Small changes bring BIG benefits…? Really

We have all read about ATOMIC HABITS and an amazing book written by James Clear.

I am not going into the in-depth summary of the book that my friend you need to do it yourself. In a nutshell, it speaks about small changes which bring Big benefits.

Cycling to work has numerous benefits, such as reducing traffic congestion, improving physical health, and promoting a cleaner environment. However, despite these benefits, many people choose not to cycle to work. There are various reasons for this, including safety concerns, lack of infrastructure, and a preference for more convenient modes of transportation.

For example, many people are concerned about cycling on busy roads with fast-moving traffic, especially during rush hour. Additionally, some areas may lack dedicated cycling lanes and other infrastructure, making it difficult for cyclists to commute safely. Finally, some people may simply prefer more convenient modes of transportation, such as cars or public transit, even if these options are less environmentally friendly.

While there are certainly challenges associated with cycling to work, it is worth considering the potential benefits both for individuals and for society as a whole. By increasing awareness and investing in infrastructure, we can make cycling a safer and more viable option for more people, ultimately promoting a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

As I pedalled my way through a new town, I couldn’t help but notice something odd. The cars were replaced with cycles – it was a world of two-wheelers! I must have fallen asleep during my ride and woken up in a cycling utopia.

As I marvelled at the rows of colourful bicycles lining the streets, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of luxury bike brands replacing high-end car companies. I wondered if people traded in their Porsches for Pashleys and their Lamborghinis for Bianchis.

I decided to explore this new world on my trusty two-wheeler. As I cycled through the quaint town, I noticed everyone was wearing lycra and helmets. The air was filled with the hum of freewheels and the tinkling of bike bells.

I couldn’t help but grin as I imagined the local bike shop as a high-end boutique, selling designer cycling gear and the latest carbon fibre frames. It was a world where cycling was king, and I was excited to be a part of it.

As I cycled through this new world, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the trustworthy bicycle that had brought me here.

Who needs a Ferrari when you can have a reliable and efficient set of wheels?

Reducing traffic and saving time.

Well, well, well, looks like we’ve got a real two-wheeled troublemaker on our hands!

By swapping your car for a bike, you’re not only reducing fuel consumption, but you’re also cutting into the profits of those poor petrochemical companies. Who actually feeds on your fuel consumption daily?

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re also putting a serious dent in the pockets of infrastructure companies who rely on building parking garages and highways, let’s be honest, take up way too much space anyways.

 Ouch! That would hurt, wouldn’t it?

But hey, who needs all that extra space when you’ve got a trusty bike to take you where you need to go?

Keep pedalling, my friend, and watch those corporate fat cats squirm!

2) Decreasing carbon emissions and pollution, which can reduce healthcare costs and promote a cleaner environment.

Oh boy, it looks like we’ve got a real knee-slapper on our hands!

So you’re telling me that by cycling to work and promoting a healthier lifestyle, we’re putting the healthcare and pharma companies out of business?

Well, that’s just too bad!

 Looks like they’ll have to find a new way to make a buck.

 But hey, maybe they can start selling bikes and helmets instead of pills and syringes!

 And think about it, with all the money you’re saving on healthcare costs by staying healthy, you can invest in some fancy new cycling gear and accessories.

So, pedal on, my friend, and don’t worry about those big pharma execs. They’ll find a way to survive without our help!

Well it doesn’t just end there by cycling to work you are not only improving your own physical as well as mental health you are inspiring your entire community to follow suit. By doing so, you have any idea what havoc you are creating. The insurance and healthcare companies, the so-called food giants who swear by their health foods, would suddenly be running for cover. These are the companies that rely on our unhealthy lifestyles to make their bucks. Soon they would be selling cycles and fruits and vegetables instead of pills and surgeries.

Suddenly your boss would be the most insecure person in the organisation because he is unable to keep up with his super performing employees.

Keep on cycling my friend a small change can bring revolutions. The world would be a happier and healthier place just because of you.

The Agro-industry would see a sudden change in their work profiles. If we actually follow the healthy way of life the would industry would have to work double shifts and maybe triple even and all seasons to put up with the growing demand for healthy whole foods.

Suddenly the quinoa and kale salads would replace the Big fat burgers with fries and the KFCs and McDs would go out of business. The Farmers from Vidarba who are currently committing suicides would actually start booming with life.

You have the right to disagree all you want however deep within you to know it we are not bluffing that this day could actually come someday.

Just keep pedalling and watch the world transform into t more healthier and sustainable place one bite at a time.

How could cycling to work lead to Lowering demand for imported oil which can reduce the country’s trade deficit?

Well, well, well, it looks like we’ve got a peacemaker on our hands! By cycling to work and reducing the demand for imported oil, you’re not only saving money and reducing the trade deficit, but you’re also helping to avoid major wars over oil. Who knew that a simple bike ride could have such a global impact? You might even become the next Nobel Peace Prize winner!

Imagine a world where the only wars fought are over who has the coolest bike or the most colourful helmet.

No more tank battles over oil fields, just friendly bike races and smoothie competitions.

The military-industrial complex would have to find a new target market, like eco-friendly bike accessories or plant-based energy bars.

And who knows, maybe your efforts to promote cycling could inspire world leaders to come together and make real progress towards a more sustainable future.

The UN might even establish a new department dedicated solely to promoting the use of bicycles and sustainable transportation.

That’s the beauty of a sustainable transportation system. By embracing cycling and other forms of sustainable transportation, we can create a more flexible and adaptable system that is less vulnerable to disruption in the supply chain and price volatility.

No more worrying about oil spills, pipeline shutdowns or geopolitical conflicts.

No worrying about global warming. The polar bears could happily go for hibernation. The birds could migrate freely to sui their weather requirements.

The marine life would definitely lead a good life.

This would mean the multi-starred hotels in the middle east have erected the never seen before state of art hotels and malls and infrastructure looks like if this rage catches on they may not be able to renovate their magnificent properties.

So since we pedal to work or places to visit we need not spend on gyms or gadgets. We could sleep an hour more.

We need not spare time to go for a sun bath you could catch your Vitamin Ds on your way to work. Less pollution so fresh air. Fresh drinking water from the springs, not the bottles.

By going out and setting our bodies in motion we are definitely reducing carbon footprints, we are also improving our physical as well as mental wellbeing.

So we would resort less to alcohol or other intoxicants for our dopamine rush.

All we need to do is saddle up wear our Helmets and start rolling.

Picture this nobody would be found stuck in the middle of the road with a broken car they would carry their cycles on their shoulders to get their punctures fixed instead.

And let’s not forget the health benefits of cycling. By getting outside and moving our bodies, we’re not only reducing our carbon footprint but also improving our physical and mental well-being.

The possibilities are endless!

So, pedal on, my friend, and let’s make the world a better place, one bike ride at a time. Who needs oil when you’ve got a trusty two-wheeler and a world full of potential adventures?

Top of Form

If you want to save money and stay healthy, forget about the stock market and invest in a good ol’ fashioned bicycle! By ditching your car and hitting the road on two wheels, you’ll not only save money on gas and car maintenance, but you’ll also reduce your risk of heart disease and other health problems. That means more money in your pocket and more years to enjoy it!

Think about all the things you could do with that extra cash. You could buy a fancy new bike helmet or even treat yourself to a night out on the town (just make sure to bike there!).

And let’s not forget about the economic benefits of cycling.

More disposable income means more spending, which can stimulate economic growth and create jobs.

And let’s not forget about the perks of all that exercise.

Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you’ll also be building up an appetite for all those delicious treats you’ve been eyeing. After all, you’ve earned it! When you’re cycling to work or running errands, you have the perfect excuse to indulge in that extra slice of cake or that decadent dessert.

For once you are free to bite into that yummy lip-smacking blueberry cheesecake with a dollop of freshly caramelised peanut sauce and a dash of fresh blueberries on top yummy.

All this without having to  worry about the calories – you’ll be burning them off in no time. Plus, you’ll be promoting a healthier lifestyle for yourself and for those around you.

Man, it sounds like poetry to my ears. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire others to hop on their bikes and join in the fun!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your bike and start pedalling your way to financial freedom and good health. You’ll be the envy of all your friends, and you might even inspire them to join you on your cycling adventures. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a new trend and become the next big thing in finance and fitness. The possibilities are endless, so grab your bike and let’s ride!

So get ready to catch some rays and some tasty treats – with cycling, the possibilities are endless. And as they say, life is short, so pedal hard and enjoy the ride!

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