10 Confessions of a Marathon Runner


Marathon as we all know is a very high-level endurance sport. It involves running long distances like a half marathon distance would be about 21.09 km. The full marathon distance is 42.19 km. So definitely one cannot attempt this sport without prior practice. We all know our body is an intelligent mechanism.

It always stands by all your madness all your life.

Have you heard of the saying early to bed and early to rise makes Jack a fine boy.

Marathon runners are that breed, They sleep early and wake up early no matter what a marathon runner will wake up at 5:00 and go for a run.

Marathon training and marathon runners are a breed of mad people who wake up at 3:00 am get ready and travel a distance of min 25 km to find a good place to run.

Like really? Who does that? Marathon runners do! Do not be shocked to hear all the stories.

Today on the internet the most talked about topic is health and the complete arrow turns to people I am sorry the crazy people who run early morning, the Marathon runners.

They run, they train, they follow a certain diet and they get up daily to run. That is what Marathon runners are like in real life.

But on race day marathon runners are on a high no doubt after all they have trained very hard for this day.

Let’s hear some interesting confessions of a marathon runner.

Sometimes, I feel like quitting: As a marathon runner, I’m often faced with moments where I feel like giving up. But I know that pushing through these moments is what makes the accomplishment of finishing a marathon so rewarding.

I get nervous before every race: No matter how many races I’ve run, I always get nervous before the start. It’s a mix of excitement and anxiety, but I’ve learned to embrace it and channel it into my performance.

I’ve made mistakes during races: Even with careful planning, things don’t always go according to plan. I’ve made mistakes like starting too fast, not hydrating enough, or taking a wrong turn. But I’ve learned from these mistakes and they’ve made me a better runner.

I’ve cried at the finish line: Crossing the finish line of a marathon is an emotional experience. I’ve shed tears of joy, relief, and pride after finishing a race.

I’ve trained through injuries: It’s not uncommon for runners to experience injuries during training. I’ve pushed through shin splints, sore muscles, and even a stress fracture. While it’s important to listen to your body and take care of injuries, sometimes you have to push through to reach your goals.

I’ve lost toenails: Running long distances can take a toll on your feet. I’ve lost toenails from the constant pounding and pressure on my feet. It’s not pretty, but it’s a common occurrence among runners.

I’ve eaten strange things during races: When you’re running for several hours, you need to fuel your body with carbohydrates and electrolytes. I’ve eaten energy gels, sports drinks, and even pickles during races. It may seem strange to some, but it’s what works for me.

I’ve hit the wall: “Hitting the wall” is a term used to describe the point in a marathon where you feel completely exhausted and can barely keep going. It’s a tough moment, but I’ve learned to push through it and keep going.

I’ve experienced runner’s high: Runner’s high is the feeling of euphoria and happiness that comes from running. It’s a real phenomenon, and it’s one of the things that keeps me coming back to running.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished: Running a marathon is a huge accomplishment. It takes months of training, dedication, and hard work. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished as a runner, and I hope to continue running for many years to come.

No matter what running is one of the easiest sports to follow. Marathon runners never travel without their running shoes.

It may sound like madness but it is a good madness to have after all it’s better to wake up with shoes in your hand than end it with a glass in your hand.

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