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Recreational Sportz- Ebook -1 edition


Recreational Sportz is an online travel company specializing in Sports Tourism. Sports Tourism literally means travelling to participate either as a participant or a spectator in sporting events.

What does Recreation mean?

Recreation literally means any activity or sport practised or watched for fun.

Why is it important to follow a sport?

It’s a generally known term that running is natural sport humans are designed to practice.

Just like walking.

Back in the days when we were little we used to be busy all day early morning waking up to go to school. Afternoon doing our homework. Evening going down to play. This used to be our routine.

This was the story when our parents would get annoyed if we come back home late. We played games like gully cricket, Sakhli, lagori badminton, cricket, and even football, especially in the rain.

Back in those days, I do not remember getting sick or having obesity problems. If you see the children today every one has a bigger waistline than us. It has a lot to do with the lifestyle changes today.

We played with bats, balls, skipping rope, etc. Today the same outdoor games have been replaced by Playstation, Gameboy, and Laptop to name a few.

Our homemade dal chawal has been replaced with Pizza, Burger

These are basic lifestyle changes our children and we have gone through due to lack of exercise and wrong diet we suffer from various lifestyle-related diseases.





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