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Smita Chowta is the founder of Recreational Sportz. It is an oline portal dedicated to Sports tourism. She is a passionate runner who has done some very interesting Half Marathons and 10k runs. She has participated in multiple swimming tournaments while she was n school. Being an outdoors person all her life she has realised the importance of pursuing a sport in ones life. Recreational Sportz as the name suggests the sport one plays for fun be it running, cycling swimming or trekking.

Recreational sports brings a discipline in your life which goes a long way in designing your mindset and life in general. It improves your productivity at work, it calms you down and more than all you have a clear mind and then you dont fear competition thus making you a leader of sorts.

She is currently a mother to a handsome young man Aashwath and wife to a Handsome young Entrepreneur Anil Chowta.

Education – Sheth M A High School (Schooling upto 10th Grade), Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans (BSC- Chem), IATA ( Geneva), Basic ticketing course ( AIR INDIA), Digital Marketing (Digital Deepak), SEO ( Sanjay Shenoy).

Currently – Founder of Recreational Sportz an online Travel portal decidated to Sports Tourism. (

Founder of Sporting Encounter an online portal dedicated to Sports Medicine. (

Work Experience: Have worked in the travel industry for over two decades. Currently heads the Sports Tourism Company hence associated with a lot of Marathon organisers ,cyclothon organisers and adventure tourism organisers.

Recreational Sportz as a company has grown over the years in the field of Sports Tourism Nationally as well as internationally.

We have had the chance to organise few Marathons as well. Our recent one being Mumbai Masters Half Marathon 2022.

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