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Running is an high cardio vascular workout, So is cycling and swimming. Imagine doing all three together. It is an incredible physical challenge and it can push the individuals off limits.

Although it is an very high intensity cardio activity. Once you attempt and finish it you have a huge feeling of prode and achievement. Onviously you have to train hard and at the end of it the complete hard work kind of feels worth it.

Personal Accomplishment

When you are going out there to attempt one of the high endurance sports you need to train consistently. Strenghthening, Conditioning, nourishing and resting. So when you work so hard on the strength of your body you get to experience improved levels of fitness. You dont feel the cramps while getting up you are full of energy all day. You start taking the stairs instead of the elevator just to challenge yourself.  You start enjoying this improved level of fitness because it gives you the ability to attempt things you otherwise would not. 

As mentioned earlier trainning for a triathlon is a must. So when you train you build the strength of the body. It also involves building the mileage. Training for long distance running ,cycling and swimming. So as you start getting better mentally too your body is preparing itself in short it begins to build confidence in itself. This confidence is called mental toughness, without which you cannot attempt anything like this ever. This confidence applies to real life as well. It actually works like a barrier breaker.

Running for a cause and helping an NGO to raise funds is one of the uniqes ways to contribute to the betterment of society while you are having fun participation in your triathlon. The participants choose to fundraise for charity, using their participating as a way to give back and make a positive impact. This is one of the best ways to gain mental as well as physical satisfaction. The event organisers organise Triathlons to help raise funds for a particular cause