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5 reasons why one should run daily?

  • Help to build strong bones, as it is a weight-bearing exercise.
  • Strengthen muscles.
  • improve cardiovascular fitness. Healthy heart and lungs.
  • Burn plenty of kilojoules. Fights obesity.
  • Help maintain a healthy weight. in general good health.

Why am I giving you this piece of valuable knowledge?

We have understood the importance of running hence we have trained ourselves to run a marathon with ease. Like us many people have done so and now we have an entire community of people who look forward to exploring various different places to run. There is a complete community out there who are organising and participating in the runs. We wish to organise a run in your area with your kind information.

Recreational Sportz is a Destination Sports event organising company.

What is a destination sports event organising company?

We organise running trips. We organise certified Marathons in areas where Marathon fever hasn’t reached so far. Running, apart from it being an easy, simple and beneficial sport to follow has a lot of health benefits apart from it being a great way to channelise your mind and energy.

Few side effects of running

  • More alert throughout the day.
  • More productive at workplace.
  • Always bubbling with energy.
  • Have become a better time manager.
  • Have helped me in learning how to balance work life and personal life which is the most important aspect of life.

About the Founder: Smita Chowta.

Education Qualification:

  • Schooling Sheth M A High School.(10th Grade),
  • College Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans (Bsc Chem),
  • IATA basic ticketing course Geneva,
  • AirIndia Basic Ticketing course,
  • French Language DELF DALF level 1 achieved,
  • Digital Marketing (SEO Specialist).

Favourite Hobbies– Reading, Knowledge gaining, meeting new people, etc, running, swimming, cycling.

Passionate About: Health and fitness, Work, Family, blogger, travel enthusiast, currently learning photography.

Professional qualification:

  • Founder of Travel Big (Travel Agency based in Mumbai).
  • Later went on to create a Niche in Sports Tourism Recreational Sportz).
  • Currently working on Young Timers Travellers Club a travel segment dedicated to seniors travel.
  • Recreational Sportz organises running events like the current event the Mumbai Masters Half Marathon. in collaboration with the Athletic Federation of India.
  • Currently own 3 online portals, and

Today I like to introduce you to the fine life I have lived as Smita Chowta. As mentioned earlier I am a very passionate person and take my work very seriously. I have organised many events and trips in the past.

My Company Recreational Sports organises running and cycling trips nationally as well as internationally.

As an avid traveller and a Marathon runner myself I personally feel travel is not just about booking tickets and hotel rooms. It’s got a lot to do with exploring the place. Eating the local food, wearing the local costumes, Knowing the people understanding their culture etc.

Destinations are all about exploring hence I wish to organise destination runs. There are 28 states and 8 union territories in India.

Every city, state and village have something very unique to offer. In terms of Topography Snowclad mountains, Valleys, Plateaus, Highlands, Lowlands, Peninsula, Island, backwaters, estuaries etc India has it all. In fact, most of India is still raw and unexplored.

I, therefore, call upon the Travel and Tourism Boards of India and countries outside India to give us a chance to explain to you 10 reasons why one should hire us to organise a Marathon in your city, state or country.

10 Reasons Why you should Hire our company to organise a Marathon.

  • We have a lot of experience working in the travel sector.
  • We know how to manage big groups
  • We are experienced in organising marathons.
  • We have. huge client base consisting of runners, cyclists and triathletes.
  • We have a team of marketers who help us write content and market the same.
  • Organising a marathon literally means getting a big group of people to visit your state thus boosting tourism and generating funds for Hotels, restaurants, and local traders.
  • Publicity about your state.
  • We could actually get you international traffic in the long run.
  • We are not a one-time marvel company we reorganise the events yearly thus it’s more like a repeated business for that particular season.

Are you still thinking about organising a meeting with us?

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Thank you for your valuable time. Have a great day ahead.

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